Three officers detain combative driver for DUI

Rebecca Rodriguez

Lawrence Carlton Sibley II. Photo courtesy of Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.
Lawrence Carlton Sibley II. Photo courtesy of Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

Lawrence Carlton Sibley II, a Jacksonville resident, was arrested for a DUI on Jan. 20, and had to be detained by three officers, according to a UNF police report.

An officer stated he observed Sibley weave in and out of his lane, striking the curb several times.

The officer contacted Dispatch, and the report says a sergeant saw Sibley fail to stop at a traffic control device at Eco Road.

The sergeant followed Sibley to initiate a traffic stop when Sibley stopped abruptly in the middle of the road.

The sergeant initiated a traffic stop, and smelled alcohol on Sibley.

The sergeant called another officer to the scene, and the officer smelled alcohol on Sibley.

The officer noted Sibley’s eyes were bloodshot and watery, told Sibley he was conducting a DUI investigation, and read him his Miranda rights.

Sibley refused to answer, according to the police report.

The officer asked if he would submit to Field Sobriety Exercises, and Sibley stated no.

The officer tried to arrest Sibley, and Sibley became combative and tried to pull away. The UPD report described Sibley as muscular.

It took three officers to gain compliance of Sibley.

Sibley was arrested and booked into Duval County Jail on Jan. 20.

Sibley was released on probation on Jan. 20. The charge of Resisting Officer Without Violence was dropped the same day.

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