October 8 – 14


Oct. 8 – Burglary (Building 38) – A student parked her car in the Building 38 parking garage and thought she locked the doors. She said that not all the doors lock sometimes when she hits the power locks. She returned to her car and drove to work and when she got to work she noticed that the permit in her front window was missing. There were no signs of forced entry. UPD took down the permit information.

Oct. 9 – Petty Theft (Building 58) – A student was playing pingpong in the Game Room at the Student Union and put his wallet and belongings on the floor. He stepped outside to receive a phone call and the person who he had played with left. When he came back, his wallet and other belongings were missing and no one had seen who took them, including the person he played with, and there are no cameras in the Game Room.

Oct. 9 – Information (Building 37) – UPD was dispatched to the tennis courts in response to a sick tennis player from Georgia Southern University. The player experienced full body cramping due to dehydration and UNF personnel applied ice to reduce the cramping. UPD informed her parents and she was transported to the Mayo Clinic for further evaluation.

Oct. 10 – Information (Building 37) – A tennis player from Georgia Southern University, who was playing in a tennis match at UNF, reported feeling sick due to the heat. Rescue 59 transported him to the Mayo Clinic for further care.

Oct. 10 – Information – (Building 37) – UPD was called in response to a tennis player from Florida A&M suffering from heat related injury. He was treated by UNF athletic trainers and then transported by Rescue 50 to the Mayo Clinic. They treated another tennis player, this one from Carolina University, but did not transported her to the Mayo Clinic.

Oct. 11 – Information (Building 34) – UPD arrived at the UNF Arena in response to a man attending a cheerleading event, who began to have a seizure. Rescue 27 responded and transported him to Baptist Medical Center.

Oct. 12 – Information (Building 55) – A person was in distress and having trouble breathing in the Osprey Fountains lobby. Rescue 50 responded and transported her to the Mayo Clinic.

Oct. 12 – Criminal Mischief (Building S) – UPD was dispatched to Osprey Crossings in response to damage done to a bicycle. A student noticed that the back tire to his bicycle had a cut mark, which looked like it had been done by a knife. The student noticed several other bikes with flat tires and overheard a student saying that students were out Sunday night cutting bike tires. The student had already taken his bike to a repair shop.

Oct. 13 – Drug Possession and Paraphernalia (Board walk) – UPD came upon a student walking on the boardwalk, and the student smelled strongly of marijuana. When asked, the student admitted to smoking all of his marijuana while walking the trail and produced a glass pipe, containing marijuana residue. The student was issued a notice to appear.

Oct. 13 – Possession (Lake Oneida) – UPD encountered three students on the boardwalk around Lake Oneida, and all of the students smelled of marijuana. One of the students had a grinder with marijuana inside, a glass pipe and a lighter. The second student had a glass pipe with marijuana residue, rolling paper and a lighter. The third student had a lighter and two baggies containing a total of 5.1 grams of marijuana. All three students were issued notices to appear.

Oct. 14 – Property (Lot 10) – UPD responded to a student reporting that there was a bag of marijuana in the parking lot. She was participating in a campus cleanup and found the baggie containing marijuana. The marijuana was placed in the police property room.

Oct. 14 – Information (Building G) – A student broke a window in his apartment in Osprey Village while trying to push it back into frame. Maintenance will repair the window and the student will most likely have to pay for the costs.

Source: UPD police reports