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Police Beat: UNFPD handles a breakup, a state residency and an interrupted nap

The following information is according to reports from the UNF Police Department.

Not the best place for a nap

An ambulance driving away from the arena as students attending the River City Rumble mill around the scene.
Photo by Lydia Moneir

An officer found a student passed out drunk on the sidewalk on Oct. 24, 7 p.m. while next to 20-minute parking in front of UNF Arena during the River City Rumble. The officer who responded found a silver flask containing rum while looking for the student’s identification.

The student woke up while being lifted onto a stretcher by members of JFRD Rescue 50. He unbuckled himself twice after being told to stop. The student said he didn’t want to go to the hospital and the paramedics let him out. The officer told him he was being charged with possession of an alcoholic beverage under the age of 21.

While the officer was explaining how to take care of a Notice To Appear, the student got belligerent and wouldn’t leave when asked to. His roommate had to pull him away.

Skate and run

A girl said her ex-boyfriend quickly skateboarded by her, but didn’t hit her on Oct. 24.

She told UNFPD that the two of them have had issues since they ended their relationship, but didn’t explain why she was angry about him skating past her. The ex-boyfriend said he skated by her when he was on his way to class. The officer suggested the ex-boyfriend change his dorm because they both live in the Cove.

Subject of concern

Two staff members said they were concerned about a subject after having meetings with him and acted as witnesses in a report on the matter.

verbalThe subject met with one of the witnesses at 2 p.m. on Oct. 21 to drop off paperwork for his state residency. The witness said he started to get upset as they were talking and began ranting about residency issues. The witness emailed him on Oct. 24 telling him his application wasn’t approved.

The second witness said the subject came into the office on Oct. 24 wanting to talk to the person who denied his application or whoever was in charge. The second witness said when she met with him, he started going off about his residency issues. She offered to help him file an appeal. The subject said he didn’t care anymore and walked out.

The officer who met with the witnesses contacted the Clay County Sheriff’s office and requested a welfare check on the subject. The Clay County Sheriff’s office couldn’t make contact with the subject, but talked to his neighbors. The neighbors don’t think he lives there. The investigation is still ongoing.

You said extra crispy right?

There was an electrical fire on Oct. 25 in the cafeteria. After an officer arrived at the scene at 6:46 p.m., an employee said the plug and outlet of a food warmer was smoking and burning outside her office. She unplugged the food warmer.

JFRD Engine 150 said not to use the outlet until an electrician fixed it.

Got nothing to hide

A student said he saw no reason to hide his marijuana and drug paraphernalia from the officer who questioned what was in his hands on Oct. 25. At 7 p.m., the officer saw the suspect sitting on a log in the woods near the Cove, a place the officer noted was common for drug use. The officer found a pipe with marijuana, a blue grinder with marijuana and a lighter.

The officer recommended the student be sent to Student Conduct.

Weed: what else is there to say?

marijuanaAn officer found 4.7 grams of marijuana, a scale and items containing marijuana residue after searching an Osprey Crossings dorm room in Building R.

The officer went to the dorm at 10 p.m. on Oct. 25 after smelling marijuana. He asked the students in the room to step outside and received consent to search the room.

The officer recommended all five students in the room be sent to Student Conduct.

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