Police Beat: Two harassing phone calls to Chartwells and a stolen skateboard

Patrick Lloyd

Photo by Camille Shaw
Photo by Camille Shaw

The following information is according to reports from the UNF Police Department.

Two Chartwells employees receive harassing phone calls

A former Chartwells employee made two harassing calls to Chartwells, according to a report from UNFPD.

A woman working in the Chartwells business office said the man called her the morning of Friday, Jan. 30. He was upset he hadn’t received his W-2 tax form. The complainant tried to explain to him their office didn’t have those records, but he was insistent that she help him. Before the call ended, the complainant said he told her she “better not be there when he got there.”

The officer asked if he made any threats to harm her or anyone else, but she said that was all he said. The woman said that she had never met the man, and that she was worried.

Another Chartwells employee said he received a similar phone call from the same man. The man didn’t threaten him, but he was agitated.

The officer tried calling the man, but he wasn’t home. His mother answered the phone. He explained the situation and asked if the man could return his call. The mother said she would relay the message.

The man who received one of the phone calls asked that the man be trespassed from UNF’s campus, but since the officer couldn’t contact the man, he couldn’t complete the trespass warning.

Stolen skateboard

A UNF student had his skateboard stolen outside Pita Pit on Friday, Jan. 30.

The victim told an officer he arrived at Pita Pit around 1:30 a.m. He placed his skateboard unsecured on the bottom rack near the front entrance.

The victim was with his friends until about 2 a.m. When he returned to get his skateboard, he noticed it was missing. He didn’t see anyone at the rack, but dozens of people came in and out of the Clubhouse at the time.

The case has been suspended because there are no known suspects or witnesses.

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