Student Body Vice President Jordan Wilson resigns

Jeremy Collard

Photo courtesy of SG website
Photo courtesy of SG website

After serving just over two months in office, SG Vice President (VP) Jordan Wilson officially resigned from his position on Nov. 16 in an email to President Hailey Guerra.

Spinnaker received a copy of the correspondence from Wilson:

Good evening president Guerra,

This email is to inform you that I am officially resigning from the position of Vice President. Thank you for the time and hope that your future with SG is nothing short of great.


Jordan Wilson

Sent from my iPhone

Wilson served as Chief of Staff prior to President Guerra’s decision to appoint him as VP, and was sworn in on September 14.

This comes after former President Shomari Gloster stepped down last July after only three months in office, leaving current President Guerra without a VP for nearly two months until she appointed Wilson.

SG has yet to release the details as to why the former VP made the decision to step down, but a press conference with Spinnaker and SG is scheduled to be held on Friday.

Spinnaker will update when more information becomes available.

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