Fired UNF Professor happy with court's ruling


A Jacksonville judge sentenced a former tenured UNF professor who was charged with battery for hitting his contractor July 15.

“I am really, really pleased with the court’s decision,”  said Tayeb Giuma, a former electrical engineering professor.

Giuma said he celebrated his victory and enjoys the relief.

“I’m going to soak it up and enjoy it,” he said.

Giuma was arrested Sept. 25 and charged with battery after hitting his gazebo contractor, Dustin Brown, with a piece of wood outside Giuma’s Queens Harbour home.

County Judge Roberto Arias withheld adjudication.

A neighbor’s security camera shows Giuma and Dustin Brown in a physical altercation.

But Giuma has to meet the demands of the judge. He must undergo 12 months of probation and some psychological evaluation.

Depite his recent victory in the criminal courts, Giuma is still fighting for his UNF job.

Giuma has an ongoing appeal with UNF over his recent termination.

“The Univesity did me wrong,” he said.

Giuma’s attorney, Tallahassee-based Mark Levine, said the results of the criminal case with either help their case or have no effect.

Giuma’s arbitration is scheduled for mid-October and lasts about four days. After this, a decision on Giuma’s future will come about 30 to 60 days later.

“It is highly unlikely there will be an appeal either way,” Levine said.

Giuma said his attitude hasn’t changed since the very beginning.

“I’m still winning,” he said.

Despite his dissatisfaction with the university, Giuma still looks forward to coming back and teaching.

“I would love to go back to UNF,” Giuma said.

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