People of UNF: Anticipating Spring break

Danae Leake

Spring break 2016 is approaching fast, and many students are prepping for their trips. But everyone has different definitions of spring break. Hear are a few stories on the spring break experience for this week’s People of UNF. 

All photos by Jennifer Mello

Rachel Peddie is a senior studying public health.

“[Going on a] ladies trip to Savannah Georgia for St. Patrick’s day. I hope they dye the river green just for us!”


Chad Craddock, is a junior studying public relations.

“Last year, 8 of my [fraternity] brothers and 8 sisters of Kappa Delta took a trip to Puerto Rico and we hiked Mt. Yunque and swam in the waterfalls.”


Brendon Gabriel is a graduate student studying for his doctorate in physical therapy.

“One of my professors moved her midterm after spring break due to family issues. It was a big load off my shoulder because I have three other midterm exams to study for as well! Grad school life at its finest!”


Luis Vivas is a junior studying computer science.

“If I had all the money in the world during spring break, I would go to Tokyo.”


Jazmine Long is a senior studying public health. (Photo by Jennifer Morello)
Jazmine Long is a senior studying public health.

“I’d love to travel to Europe with my best friend!”



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