Police Beat July 17, 2010


June 15 – Information (Building 53) – UPD responded to an injured person at the UNF Hall. The complainant reported being dizzy before passing out. She was taken to St. Luke’s Hospital.

June 19 – Lost Property (Building 41) – UPD met with complainant Orlando Martinez regarding a lost Mexican passport. Martinez routinely drives his niece to campus for class and believes the passport fell out of his truck as he was dropping her off. He sought a replacement and was told he needed to file a police report. UPD has cleared the case.

June 20 – Information (Building 55) – Osprey Fountains resident Sean Wayda requested to be moved to a new room after an altercation with his roommate Jonathan Payson regarding dirty dishes. After being granted the move, Payson harassed Wayda on a nearly daily basis, Wayda said. Payson was acquainted with Wayda’s newly assigned roommate, came to their room and used abusive language against Wayda. Wayda contacted UNF Housing, who advised him to contact UPD. An officer confronted Payson and warned him to cease harassing Wayda. He agreed to do so, and the investigation has been suspended.

June 23 – Grand Theft (Building 25) – An informant, whose name was redacted from the police report, reported sporting equipment stolen. Three pieces of boxing equipment were reported missing: an agility bag valued at $100, a heavy-bag valued at $400 and an “Everlast floor boxing ring with ropes measuring 20 feet by 20 feet” valued at $2,400. The complainant said he had last seen the equipment April 2 and noticed it was missing June 23. He also stated he contacted other employees in the athletics department and no one knew where the equipment was. The reporting officer walked the building and found no signs of the equipment.

July 1 – Lost Property (Building 45) – Student Scott Bishop reported leaving his ring on the counter in a restroom in Building 45 while he was washing his hands. He forgot to take the ring when he left and upon returning to the restroom, could not find it.

Jul 2 – Burglary (Lot 2) – Student Hope Gorman reported her parking decal stolen. She had parked her car in Lot 2 and reported being “pretty sure” she had locked the door. Upon returning to her car, she found everything, including an unspecified amount of money, intact – except for her UNF parking decal. Patrol efforts have been suspended.

July 5 – Burglary (Lot 55) – Victim Glen Snow met with UPD to report his parking decal stolen. He left his car parked in Lot 55 and upon returning, found a parking ticket and observed that his hanging decal was not in the car. Items including CDs, a stereo and a radar detector were intact. There were no signs of forced entry, and UPD reports it is believed that the burglar gained access through a slightly ajar read door.

July 6 – Harassment (Building 41) – UPD met with a student who complained of harassing text messages from an ex-boyfriend. The victim stated he rarely spoke to her ex and did not know what had elicited the texts. The responding officer gave the victim the state attorney’s card and directed her to the Women’s Center, where she could find information on seeking a restraining order.

July 7 – Criminal Mischief (Building 44) – UPD responded to complaints from victim Amber Fredericksen, who stated that unknown persons had marked a line on the hood of her car using permanent marker. The vandals also poured soda on the car. Patrol efforts have been suspended.

July 8 – Information (Building 15) – A UNF construction worker found a marijuana cigarette on the sidewalk and reported it to UPD. The cigarette was taken to the police property room.

July 8 – Lost Property (Building 14C) – Student Ryan Dauphinee reported his wallet stolen. He brought it to the Osprey Cafe to eat and later realized he had left it there. Patrol efforts are suspended.

July 9 – Information (Building S) – Osprey Crossings housing staff reported a loud party to UPD. The responding officer attempted to make contact with students in the room in question. The officer observed victim Katia Font pass out. After coming to, she reported the heat often causes her such spells. Rescue 50 responded and Font fainted two more times while being assessed. She was taken to Mayo Clinic.

July 8 – Motor Vehicle Theft (Lot 55) – Student Carlene Horner reported her vehicle stolen. She left her car parked in Lot 55 after going out with some friends. The next day, Horner was unable to locate her car or keys. UPD searched all lots on campus and parking lots between 9000 Beach Blvd. and 12500 Beach Blvd. to no avail. Officers found no broken glass in Lot 55. Patrol efforts are suspended.

July 9 – Information (Lot 55) – UPD responded to a call from UNF safety rangers regarding a sick person in the Osprey Fountains parking lot. The officer met with complainant Alex Reclo, who was visibly intoxicated. The officer administered a breathalyzer and contacted River Point Rehabilitation Center. Reclo was transported to River Point and referred to Student Conduct.

July 9 – Damaged Property (Building 39A) – Custodial staff in the Brooks College of Health reported a broken window in the fourth floor stairway. The tempered glass was shattered but still intact. UPD believes a blunt object struck the window from inside.

July 13 – Information (Building 55) – UPD responded to reports of a student who had passed out in the Osprey Fountains’ common area. The student’s roommate, Lauren Ardizone, reported receiving a cryptic text from complainant Chelsea Strickland just before hearing a thud outside her door. Upon investigating the noise, Ardizone found Strickland lying on the ground and contacted housing staff. Strickland said she had not consumed any drugs or alcohol before passing out. Jacksonville Fire Rescue transported her to Mayo Clinic for further evaluation.