Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor in Chief,

I was appalled to see an article published in the Spinnaker newspaper on page 6, “Make Your Own Tobacco Pipe.”  It was brought to my attention by a colleague who was just as appalled as I. She picked-up this issue when she was moving her son to Jacksonville to attend UNF for the Summer 2010 Term.

We are disappointed that the article was written supporting the legalization of marijuana in California. It continued by saying our Florida Legislators took two steps backward in proposing a ban on glass tobacco pipes and bongs. Who are you kidding? If people wanted to smoke tobacco they would purchase a cigarette or cigar. Do you think students are going to fabricate these aluminum can pipes and smoke tobacco in open places on campus?

Florida taxpayers are paying millions of dollars for medical care to treat people with breathing problems, cancers and drug treatment centers to save peoples lives. Smoking tobacco, marijuana usually is the “slippery slope” to moving onto other forms of addictive products and/or abusive behaviors. I’m sure with your expression of free speech you did not consider the potential harmful fumes and particles to be inhaled when you “light up” an aluminum can. There is a reason the packaging instructs users to keep the can within a certain temperature range.
D.A.R.E., legislative bills, Tobacco Cessation Programs, detox and rehabilitation Centers . . . are doing everything to counter attack your article which comes with a nice disclaimer “Editor’s Note: The Spinnaker is in no way suggesting that our readers use this information for any illegal activity.”

Maybe you will have an issue highlighting all the “good things” that come from smoking, chewing tobacco and other leafy vegetation. Include Internet pictures of the black lungs, people missing parts of their lower jaws, people on oxygen and what smoking does to a persons appearance over the years, and don’t forget the testimonials of people who started smoking which lead them to experimenting with other forms of addictive products.

As an alumni, I spent my time and money at your institution learning how to be a productive and positive influence in society, and you have the gall to publish something that can only be used as a detriment to our student body and their bodies.

I am dismayed that the editorial staff did not have the forethought of considering the readership of this newspaper and the irresponsibility of publishing this article. The comment on the last picture “It’s time to pack that bowl, ENJOY, make sure to recycle” is a total embarrassment. No one packs a bowl of tobacco and nowhere in the article does it mention tobacco. The article clearly implies the use of making a pipe to smoke marijuana.

In good health,
Jennifer J. Tempel
UNF alumna