Police Beat Aug. 26 – Aug. 29


Aug. 26 – Student Injury (Bldg. 38 crosswalk)

At  8:15 p.m., UPD was dispatched to an injured person call. Upon arrival, Brendon Dawson lay unconscious on the ground near the crosswalk. Fire and Rescue was called and took the student to the Mayo Clinic, as he appeared to have fallen on his head. His condition is stable.Aug. 26 – Student Illness (Bldg. 39)

UPD observed student Adam Vivona experiencing what appeared to be the tail end of a seizure. Rescue 50 responded and completed an assessment of the student’s medical condition. Vivona had never had a seizure before. The student was transported to St. Luke’s Hospital. Vivonas has since left the hospital, and his condition is stable.Aug. 25 – Student Illness (The Crossings)

UPD was dispatched at 7:01 p.m. to the Osprey Crossing residence halls in reference to a resident, Jaquelyn Zaffos, having an allergic reaction to an ant bite. The student was having trouble swallowing and breathing and broke out in hives all over. JFRD Engine and Rescue 50 arrived and evaluated the resident. They transported her to the Mayo emergency room. Her condition is stable.Aug. 29 – Theft (Osprey Fountains)

At  4:00 p.m., UPD was dispatched to Osprey Fountains residence halls in reference to a theft. Area Coordinator E.J. Walicki said two bean-bag pillow chairs from the common living room had gone missing. The last time the bean bags were seen was in the room at approximately 1:00 a.m. Estimated value of the bags are $600. Several resident assistants have been questioned, but no information has been gathered. The case is still open.Aug. 29 – Traffic Stop (Osprey Ridge Rd.)

UPD initiated a traffic stop on a car leaving the loading zone of the Fountains. Derek Mrasak said he squealed the tires because he was trying to get his friend, Christopher Welka, who was having heart problems, to the hospital. Welka said he needed to go to the hospital, so UPD called emergency to the scene. Welka was transported to Baptist Hospital Downtown. His condition is stable.
Source: UPD police reports