Student bites officer while allegedly on acid, police say

Cassidy Alexander

Larenzo Quincy Askew Photo courtesy Thomas van Schoor
Larenzo Quincy Askew Photo courtesy Thomas van Schoor

A freshman possibly on acid bit through a UNF police officer’s bulletproof vest to her skin, according to UNFPD.

Three officers were dispatched to the Osprey Cove U building on Thursday, Nov. 19, around 4:20 a.m., to investigate a young male who was under the influence of LSD. The student was arrested and is being charged with three felonies, including aggravated battery of a law enforcement officer.

Freshman psychology major Larenzo Quincy Askew, 19, was tasered at least five times by officers “with little to no results,” the report stated.

When officers approached the suspect, he was standing outside a third floor elevator and did not respond to attempts to speak to him, police say.

“I approached Askew and he looked at me with a thousand yard stare as if looking through me,” officers reported.

Askew ran toward an open dorm room, which was not his, according to the report. The officers then attempted to restrain the student; however, he wouldn’t stop resisting. According to UNFPD, Askew didn’t respond to their orders.

“Askew was extremely strong as if in a state of excited delirium,” the report stated.  

According to the report, it took two officers to restrain Askew before handcuffing him.

The student yelled “I’m gonna kill you, b—-” at an officer repeatedly before biting the officer in her stomach through her bulletproof vest, police stated. According to the report, the officer sustained “a large bite on her right lower stomach area.”

Askew was tased at least five times, and continued to fight officers, the report stated.

“I am a testament from God!” he began yelling while officers waited for Jacksonville Fire Rescue Department.

JFRD took Askew to a local hospital for treatment of his drug-induced state. The report stated he was under the influence of “500” acid, according to a witness, and the exact amount of acid consumed was unknown.

Askew is being charged with three felonies — aggressive battery against a law enforcement officer, simple battery against a law enforcement officer and resisting officer with violence; and two misdemeanors — breach of the peace/disorderly conduct, and resisting officer without violence to his person.

Spinnaker attempted to contact Askew, but he could not be reached for comment.

At the time of publication, a JSO spokesperson said Askew was not in jail yet. Spinnaker attempted to contact the hospital Askew was sent to according to the police report, but learned that he was no longer at that facility.

Askew’s bond was set at $18,765. A court appearance is set for Dec. 13.

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