Funding granted to repair nature trails, and Osprey Voice focuses on syllabi

Hannah Lee

Graphic by Ben Cross
Graphic by Ben Cross

What’s New

The Osprey Voice is currently out and the questions are focused on syllabi in classes. SG is trying to start an initiative to have professors release their syllabi before students register for classes.

The goal is to see if it will help students decide whether or not to take that class and will help students decide how much workload they plan on having in the semester. The Osprey Voice can be taken here.

Four new positions have opened in Senate: The University of Student Affairs Chair (USA), the Senate Pro-Tempore, the Parliamentarian, and the Club Funding Board. The USA chair will be held by Dallas Burke as they search for the next chair.

Appointment confirmations for the Club Alliance Director and a new Senator were decided this meeting. Jaclyn Glosson is the new Club Alliance Director and Adam Young will begin as a Senator. They were sworn in by Chief Justice Avilla.



Lend-A-Wing and the nature trails were approved for their requested funds of $1,944 and $200,000 respectively.

Lend-a-Wing was granted their Workshop Coordinator and their Community Outreach Coordinator. These coordinators will be used to help extend Lend-A-Wing hours and to promote Lend-A-Wing on campus and off campus.

The money needed to repair and replace the boardwalks was granted to the nature trails. Bidding for construction will start soon, and the construction will start ideally in the summer and will be done by Fall 2017.

Take Charge, a legislation created by Pro-Tempore Samantha Mims and TJ Johnson was also passed by the senate. The Executive Branch will now have to look into the issue of buying more iPhone 5+ chargers for students to loan from the library. They will have a month to decide what they would like to do before reporting back to the Senate.

Two new resolutions were added on the Senate’s agenda and were introduced to the Senate.

One, JR-17S-3087 (Direction Correction), calls for the University Space Committee to create more labels for several buildings that face the main walkways of the inner campus. The resolution was made in order to help students, staff, and visitors experience less confusion on campus.
The other piece of legislation was SB-17F-3088 (Review Dates for Resolutions, for the Purpose of Increased Continuity). The bill is a set of revisions for Title III of the Student Government Constitution and Statutes that will create continuity in the Senate.


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