UNF alumna included in ESPN layoff

Ronnie Rodgers

Sara Walsh at the UNF Arena. Photo courtesy of Twitter.

ESPN laid off UNF alumna Sara Walsh the day she was set to return from maternity leave, after giving birth to twins.

On May 4 Walsh posted this picture to her Twitter.

The UNF graduate majored in broadcast media, and was a four-year starter on the soccer team. She scored a school record nine goals in a single game. During the 1996 season Walsh netted 10 goals in a single season.

The multi-Emmy award-winner joined ESPN in 2010 after working multiple sports jobs on the East Coast. Walsh wasn’t the only person laid off, a slew of other ESPN “talents” were also let go.

ESPN President John Skipper said in a memo sent to all employees, which has since been posted online, detailing the reason for the layoff.

“Today, we are again focused on a strategic vision that will propel our vast array of networks and services forward…dynamic change demands an increased focus on versatility…we will implement changes in our talent lineup,” said Skipper.

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