Student fee overview: where are your fees going?

Pierce Turner

Students pay student fees, a lot of student fees, every semester. What may seem like a large sum is actually several small fees that go towards various functions and departments in the university. Here is the breakdown of those fees ( $58.42 in total for undergraduates), all of which are charged per credit hour.

Activity and Service – $10.23

This is the first and one of the biggest slices of fees all students pay. The activity and service fee pays for student organizations and clubs including Student Government, Club Alliance, Osprey Productions and Lend-A-Wing Pantry.

Athletic Fee – $19.27

This is by far the biggest chunk of the student fees that fund local university functions and it may be getting increased soon. This money goes towards the women and men’s intercollegiate sports teams on campus as well as the facilities that host these like the stadiums and field house.

Health – $4.07

The health fee supports the Student Health Services. If you didn’t know, this is the best place to go on campus if you’re sick or want to get tested.

Counseling – $2.90

A smaller fee, though like the athletic fee, this one could be getting a bump in the next month if passed by the board of trustees. This pays the bills at the counseling center and keeps the therapists here for students to access for free. If they get the proposed new budget, the counseling center will be able to hire additional therapists and reduce the recent long wait times.

DRC – $.19

The UNF disability resource center gets the smallest revenue from student fees but definitely has an important role. Their mission statement is to “ensure that all students with disabilities have equal access to educational opportunities at UNF.” They currently have close to 800 students registered.

Student Union – $4.24

This fee pays for most of the services in the Student Union. The gameroom, the UNF Bookstore, and originally the construction of the union itself.

Wellness Center – $2.94

The most recently added fee supports the Wellness Center. It funds the exercise equipment, the rockwall, the employees, and the fitness classes like Booty Blast.

Transportation – $4.08

The shuttles don’t run on love. Well they run on gas, but that gas is paid for by this fee. These shuttles travel from the Flats apartments on Kernan all the way up to lot 18 and back.

Technology – $5.25

This fee is specifically for technology used to advance teaching at UNF. Things like projectors, computers, cameras, software and more.

Student Life & Services – $5.25

This is where the fun events and giveaways on campus come from. Events like Welcome Week, Oktoberfest, and some concerts. All work and no play makes UNF a dull place so this is a welcome fee to enhance the spirit of the students.