UNF student arrested in hit-and-run fatality


St. Augustine police charged 19-year-old Derek Lee Mrasak, a UNF biology student, with homicide Oct. 17 in connection with a hit-and-run fatality Oct. 16, St. Augustine police said.Officer Kevin Carroll discovered Brian Stevenot lying in the median of Rambla Road and U.S. Highway 1 North around 3:30 a.m. St. Johns County rescue pronounced Stevenot dead at the scene.

Officials said a vehicle appeared to have inflicted Stevenot’s injuries.

A man alerted St. Augustine Police Department that his friend, Mrasak, had hit and possibly killed someone on U.S. Highway. 1 Oct. 17 at 4:44 p.m., police said.

The man told the police Oct. 16 he was with friends when Mrasak showed him and a group of friends the heavily damaged front-end of his truck. Police said there was blood and hair on the windshield.

Mrasak told the group he had a few drinks and hit a guy who stepped out in front of his vehicle, police said.

Police also said when the friends heard what Mrasak did, the group began cleaning the truck, so that it appeared undamaged.

While the witness was reporting the incident to police, another member of the group, Skyler Alexandre, called his cell phone and said the group already dismantled parts of Mrasak’s truck and made it unidentifiable, police said.

Alexandre said the plan was to sell Mrasak’s truck quickly so he would no longer own it, police said.

Police said Mrasak and Alexandre were found around 7 p.m. Oct. 17 where the truck was allegedly dismantled.

The dismantled parts of the truck were collected as evidence, police said.

Police said Mrasak refused to answer any questions. He was transported to St. Johns County Jail and charged with homicide and tampering with evidence.

Accomplice to vehicular homicide and tampering with evidence charges for Alexandre are pending with the state attorney’s office.

Mrasak is out on bail as of Oct. 18 on $35,000 bond.

Mrasak was a member of the UNF Kappa Sigma Fraternity and was on the National Honor Roll at St. Augustine High School. He was one of five students to receive a $1,000 U.S. savings bond by St. Augustine’s Navy League Council in 2009. Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps instructors chose the recipients for this award for students’ outstanding leadership qualities.