UNF reveals plans for arena renovations and new student assembly center

Pierce Turner

A new student assembly center and an upgrade to the UNF Arena were proposed at the Board of Trustees meeting Friday headed by President John Delaney.

The assembly center would be built next to the University Center and be visible from Alumni Drive. The 6,000 plus square foot building would be available for student access daily and includes a small concert room designed for performances or religious gatherings. President Delaney said that organizations may rent the rooms out and groups like the UNF Jazz Ensemble could perform there.

The building is planned to be equipped with chromatic glass that can be brightened or dimmed depending on the desired mood of the event. Behind the concert room would be a patio that extends out over the pond.

Plans for a student assembly center have been in development for almost 11 years, according to President Delaney, with funds and donations coming in slowly. He hopes construction will begin in as soon as six months. The construction would take 12 to 18 months and would be completed after he retires.

The other proposed project is a vast expansion/renovation of the UNF Arena. This would include the complete remodeling of both the interior and exterior of the building. The lobby would be larger and extend out further into the plaza and replace the racquetball courts.

The interior of the arena itself is proposed to include a VIP suite viewing area for basketball games. Also included in the plans are new locker rooms and exercise facilities.

Other campus planning projects include the expansion of Skinner Jones Hall, which is currently in development, and a 500 bed honors student dorm that’s currently only in the programming stage.


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