Bee might be heading to the Flats

Ronnie Rodgers

photo by Morgan Purvis

Geese may not be that big of a problem on the core of the campus now, but they have become a growing problem at some UNF residence halls.

Lately, there has been an influx of geese in the Flats and Bee the Border Collie may soon be the solution.

“We’ve been working with physical facilities on employing the collie dogs to help keep the geese out of that area,” said Bob Boyle, director of Housing and Residence Life.

The increase of birds hasn’t gone unnoticed by students, and some have even had to battle the geese.

“There are definitely a lot [of geese] and they chase you if you get too close to them. In the spring if you walk by where they have their eggs they’ll run after you,” said Kaitlyn McManus, a junior electrical engineering student. “I’m for it, I don’t want to be chased by geese again.”

The chasing isn’t the only problem McManus has run into with the geese at the Flats. They poop everywhere, including in the pool, according to McManus.

But other students don’t mind the presence of the geese and aren’t too fond of the potential plan.

“I don’t mind the actual geese, but they do have a lot of poop. But we are in a nature preserve, so what do you expect,” said Sarah Ciampa, a pre-nursing sophomore. “I’m against it, I don’t think we need to scare the geese away. There are a lot [of geese] that hang out but they don’t usually bother me.”

As of now, the Border Collies could be seen at the Flats as soon as fall of 2017.

The Flats isn’t the only place that has seen in increase in its geese population since the employing of Bee. Many of the birds have moved to FSCJ’s South Campus just across Beach Blvd since being pushed from UNF.

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