Osprey Impact: A new way to track community service  

Joslyn Simmons

Osprey Impact is a new way to track community service. Photo by Lili Weinstein

Doing a lot of community service? Don’t worry, UNF has moved to a new system called Osprey Impact to track volunteer hours in a user-friendly form.

Once a profile is completed with information, the student can connect with organizations or classes.

Photo by Lili Weinstein

All of UNF will be a part of the University of North Florida group and can be added to different subgroups such as a fraternity, sorority or club.

Events from other non-profits in the community can be seen on the website along with the ability to change zip codes for those volunteering outside of the school area.

With each volunteer hour logged, an impact is attached to the profile. Students in multiple organizations can share the volunteer work done to all groups at one time after the initial entry.

Each impact equates to a monetary value that is tracked on the site. Volunteer hours can be exported and printed out to be given to employers in addition to resumes. To create a profile click here.


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