The pain of parking on campus

Video by Colin McCann & Tristan Reyes

With the fall semester just starting, there is a huge influx of students. The start of classes means that parking is quite hectic, especially in the garages which are packed to the brim.

The Arena Garage is one of the more crowded places to park since it’s close and is only a short walk to campus.

Cars lined up in the Arena Garage to find a parking space. Photo by Robert Curtis.

By 8:30 a.m., cars were lined up down the street to get into the garage. Some people had to park on the top floor of the garage or even retreat to gray lots on the outskirts of campus.

Students and faculty members alike are feeling the pain of not only parking during the first week back, but also the adjustments that come with the new rules on backing in and the switch to electronic parking passes.

People expressed their opinions on the matter of parking on campus in the overpopulated garages.  


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