Letter to the Editor – Nov. 15


Dear Editor in Chief,

Thank you for printing the brief about my recent firing from Student Government. I am still shocked and saddened by it. More than anything, I want the UNF Student Body to know the truth in the situation. I still don’t have a clear answer, and I feel that “communication issues” is an inadequate reason to fire me, especially given my level of performance and the success of AASU. Of course I’ve heard several rumors behind it, including that SG plans to make AASU a multicultural agency. This whole situation is definitely a big step in that direction.

There were communication issues brought to my attention earlier this semester, but since then, I had been made to believe that they had gotten better, if not, solved. Apparently, those involved were lying to my face. I went to Student Body Vice President Giovannie Medina’s office Nov. 8 for a meeting that lasted no more than two minutes. He told me he spoke with AASU’s committee chairs and assistant director and because of communication issues, he felt I am the common denominator, and it was in their best interest to relieve me of my duties.

I’ve found reason to believe there is something wrong and unjust behind this situation. I didn’t get to being the director of an agency by lying to people and practicing bad politics. I never cared for all of that on this campus or in SG. I worked hard and fought hard for what the students of this agency wanted. I was a diplomat in a world of grimy politicians and, until now, I was always able to stay out of it by just doing my job. Well, the dirty game got played on me. I don’t know who in SG is gaining from this, but the reasons aren’t adding up to me.

If I am guilty of anything, it is of being too nice — unwilling to throw people under the bus, even when they do it to me. I just want everyone to know that I did my job. AASU has seen one of the best years since I’ve been at UNF. Ironically, I didn’t know my impact on students until I was fired. Several students have expressed their support for me. It really has helped me through this.

AASU was my heart. I love UNF, and I’ve always been one of SG’s biggest cheerleaders. I’ve dedicated a lot of my time and energy in service of the Student Body, and I do not intend to let this unjust firing stop me. It is heartbreaking I will not be able to complete this great year as the agency’s director or see all the great plans for programming through to fruition. Although I have always been a turn-the-other-cheek type of person, I am a martyr and a servant-leader, and I will always fight for what the students want.

Jennifer Dykes
Former AASU Director