UNF braces for protest, SB Lanes of Kernan Closed

Tiffany Salameh

The University of North Florida braces for protests and counter protest outside of Alumni Hall Monday morning, where suspended UNF white nationalist student Ken Parker’s discipline hearing is taking place.

Around 7:50 a.m., officers shut down all southbound lanes of Kernan Boulevard. The hearing will begin at 9 a.m. The lanes are expected to reopen sometime after Parker’s discipline hearing.

Protesters and counter protesters began to gather around Hicks Hall and Alumni hall around 7:45 a.m. At 8:30 a.m., the No Nazis at UNF protesters plan to march from Hicks Hall to Alumni Hall.

On Friday, President John Delaney moved the hearing from the core of campus to Alumni Hall. In a message to students and staff, he said police presence on campus would be high. Parker is being escorted to and from the hearing by UNFPD.

JSO and UNFPD officers in uniform and undercover are present and scattered throughout campus.

“Please know we’re working hard to ensure safety, while still following the required processes for student discipline,” Delaney wrote.

Students on campus have mixed feelings when it comes to safety. Some are not attending classes today because of the planned protests and counter protests. Senior economics student said he feels safe coming to campus today.

“I generally feel safe whenever I’m on campus, but recently I have noticed a stronger divide between our students and that’s not good,” said Burns.

Earlier this week, Parker posted a photo of himself to to the comment section of a Spinnaker Facebook story featuring himself holding a gun. The photo was accompanied with the comment, “Fuck the BLM BS!!! I am WHITE and PROUD, and these queer balls have yet to confront me on campus.”

Parker is the former Grand Dragon of the KKK and a current member of the National Socialist Movement, a neo-nazi organization. He identifies as a nazi.

The campus is investigating Parker’s post as an act of racism. The student conduct hearing will determine the specifics of Parker’s suspension.

Spinnaker will update with more information as soon as it becomes available.


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