Police Beat: Fake sugar daddy, gunshots and vandalism

Alexandra Torres-Perez

Can I be your sugar daddy?

On Nov. 13, UNFPD met with a student at the Crossings. The student told police he was on the web site Jack’d looking for a friend. Jack’d is a dating app similar to Tinder that was created for gay and bisexual men. On this site, the student received a response from an older male in his 50’s saying he wanted to be the student’s sugar daddy. 

UNFPD police cars. Photo by Lili Weinstein

According to the police report, the student sent his banking information to the older man, who deposited $1,500 into his bank account. After a couple of days, the student’s sugar daddy asked him to send him $1,000 in iTunes cards, and the student told police he did.

On Nov. 13, the student noticed the $1,500 in his account was missing, which is why he called police to report a possible fraud. Police filled out an information report, but they are not taking any further action in this case.


Were those gunshots?!?

UNF police received several calls on Nov. 16 about possible gun fire on campus.

The first call was from the Child Development Center Building at around 10 a.m. according to the police report.  Several teachers reported they heard a loud bang that sounded like a gunshot while they were outside in the playground area. However, they were not able to tell police where the gunshot was coming from.

A UNF student later called UNFPD just before noon about hearing a gunshot as well. The student was in her dorm at Landing X when she heard a loud bang coming from outside according to the police report. The student told police the gunshot sounded like it came from the third floor of her building. When speaking to students on the third floor for further information, police officers were only able to find one student who said he was woken up by the loud bang within the building that morning.

Police searched the area, but did not find any further evidence.


Vandalism in Lot 14

On Nov. 15 a UNF student reported possible vandalism to his car. The student parked his car in the lot next to the police station the night before, according to the police report. He told police that he returned to his car after class and went home. The next morning, the student noticed someone had written the word “terrorist” on his right rear passenger door according to the police report. 

Police cars. Photo by Jordan Bebout. 

According to the police report, the word was written in a yellow wax pen or pencil, and could be rubbed off. Three officers looked at the writing, but they reported they could not clearly see the same word the student reported because several letters were indistinguishable.

There was no permanent damage to the car according to the police report, but the student does believe he was targeted and is concerned for his safety. Patrol efforts were suspended due to lack of evidence.


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