Controversial Comics: Interview with Matt Fraction

Jack Polefko

Interview with comic book writer Matt Fraction

From doing the impossible by popularizing Hawkeye from The Avengers, to creating an Eisner award winning comic about people who have magical powers Sex Criminals, Matt Fraction has become one of the most recognizable names in the comic book industry. He has been credited in movies such as the first Thor and is currently working on a television adaptation of Sex Criminals. Thanks to his unique writing voice, he’s stood out among other writers, pushing comics to genres and topics that are not usually discussed in the medium.

However, helping pave the way for mainstream comics comes with some backlash.

Back in September, the Thomas Carpenter Library on campus listed novels and graphic novels under attack, with Sex Criminals being on that list. Apple banned the comic (and then unbanned it) on their store for the comic’s mature content, specifically about what’s right there in the title: sex.

Aside from the fantastical and supernatural elements of the comic, the story covers a wide range of all things to do with human relationships. From the awkwardness of going through puberty, to relationship issues, to different sexual orientations, the tale brings something that everyone can relate to. This has made it not only an important comic, but an important piece of media in discussing topics openly, that the majority discuss either privately or not at all. You can hear Matt Fraction’s thoughts on his topical comic, as well as the experiences he’s had as a writer throughout his years in his interview on our podcast here.

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