Avoid the DUI; Drink just don’t drive


Police everywhere know tonight is amatuer night and as usual will be on the look out for drunk drivers. Remember just because you’re not drunk doesn’t mean your not legally intoxicated, just 2 or 3 beers can push you over .08.

If you decide to have a DD tonight, then great. But if you don’t or if DD decides to bail on his or her duties, here is some options to avoid the DUI and start the New Year outright.

As many of you know Triple A is offering there Tow to Go program tonight. All you have to do is call 1 (800) AAA -Help. You do not have to be a Triple A member to recieve this free tow back to your home.

Also here are the numbers to a few local cab companies:

Coastal Cab – Jacksonville Beach – 904 246 9999

Yellow Cab – Jacksonville – 904 260 1111

Checker Cab – Jacksonville – 904 345 3333

So whether you’re plunging to the beach bars or running to Riverside, remember to drink, forget to drive. Happy New Year!