1st Annual Scholarship Pageant at UNF

Hannah Lee

Rasine Kreyol will be hosting a pageant with scholarship money as the prize. Photo provided by Rasine Kreyol

Rasine Kreyol, the Haitian student organization at UNF, will have its first annual pageant this year. According to club’s president, Cienna Richards, the pageant is about educating people about Haiti while unburdening those who may have student debt.

“Millions of Americans are still in debt years and years after school,” said Richards. “We want to reduce the amount of debt that is happening around us.”

The pageant is open to all UNF students, and students do not have to be a part of the club to sign up. Students have until Feb. 2 to apply and can get their application by emailing [email protected]

Any UNF student can participate in the pageant. Photo provided by Rasine Kreyol

After students submit their application, they will have a one-on-one interview with the judges. If they pass that stage, they can go on to the actual pageant.

Each contestant also has to raise a minimum of $50 towards the scholarship fund in order to participate in the pageant. They have until Feb. 28 to raise the money.

The pageant night will be broken down into six parts. The first two parts will include an opening number, where all the contestants will dance together, and an introduction of each contestant.

After that, contestants will have to wear an outfit that educates people about Haiti. Whether it be a Haitian flag or dressing up as someone famous from Haitian history, the contestant’s explanation of why they chose the outfit is the important part in this phase of the pageant.

The fourth part of the pageant is the talent portion. Afterwards, contestants will change into their evening wear. While on stage, they will have to answer a question about current political events happening in Haiti.

There will be three winners of the pageant: Mr. Rasine Kreyol, Miss Rasine Kreyol, and the contestant that raises the most money towards the prize. The prizes will be three scholarships. There is no set amount yet as it will depend on how much money the organization raises.

There is a GoFundMe page for the scholarship fund where anyone can donate. At the time writing this article, $60 has already been raised.

The pageant will take place on Mar. 2 at the Student Union Ballroom at 6 p.m. The event is free to the public, but the club asks that anyone who is not a UNF student to get a ticket here.