Osprey Update sent on Canvas outage

Hannah Lee

An Osprey Update was sent on Friday afternoon regarding issues with Canvas.

A special Osprey Update went out to students addressing the Canvas outage that happened on Feb. 21. Many students were kicked out of their classes for both the current term and past semesters, according to the update.

The update informs students they may have received an email invitation from UNF Canvas in order for them to participate in a specific course. Students must click “Get Started” to re-enroll in their courses, according to the update.

“This is important so that all of your completed activity will be loaded back into Canvas and you can continue to participate in the course,” the update stated. “Further communication will be sent when the full restoration process has been completed.”

If students need help with a group they manage on Canvas, the update asks for students to contact the Center for Instruction and Research Technology at  (904) 620-3927.

Spinnaker will update when there is more information.

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