SG Attorney General resigns citing mental health

Hannah Lee


Student Government Attorney General Jaclyn Glosson sent out a letter of resignation stating that her last day in office is March 9.

In Glosson’s letter of resignation, she said she is sad to leave the position but must for her mental health.

“I have persistent depressive disorder and have been on medication for it for around 5 years. For the most part, this medication allows me to go about my daily life with minimal side effects. Unfortunately, I have had a flare up of symptoms for the past 3 weeks,” stated Glosson. “Try as I might, I have not been able to perform in work or school as I usually do. I have tried my best to stick it out and wait for symptoms to subside, but unfortunately my grades are now being affected. With law school just around the corner, I cannot afford to let my GPA dip.”

The resignation comes before the validation of the election results. However, Glosson states that she has full confidence in Elections Commissioner Aesha Soliman.

To see the full resignation letter, click here.


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