UNF student arrested for threatening to share explicit photos for sexual favors

Hannah Lee

Video by Carly Kramer

Police arrested a UNF student on April 9 for threatening to share nude pictures of another student in exchange for sexual favors, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

21-year-old Jesse Martinez was charged with intent to compel and unlawful use of a two-way communication device.

According to the police report, Martinez met a UNF student on the Grindr app under the alias “J” and “Mike.” Police say Martinez asked to exchange nude photos with the student, and as soon as J received the pictures, Martinez allegedly threatened to share them on the internet if the student didn’t meet up for oral sex.

Jesse Martinez

The student told police he blocked “J” and signed off the Grindr app, but was contacted by  “Mike” the next day. Mike told the student he had the nude pictures and would release them all over campus if the victim did not meet him for oral sex, according to the police report.

The student contacted UNFPD and under the direction of the police, he contacted Mike to meet at the Fountains. According to the police report, Mike stated a friend, who was identified as Martinez, would meet the student for sex, but officers intervened.

According to the police report, Martinez admitted to setting up the fake profiles of “J” and “Mike,” and was taken to the police department for further questioning, where he was arrested. Martinez is currently at the Duval County jail, where he is being held on $77,500 bond.

However, this is not Martinez’s first time threatening students for sexual favors. Spinnaker News found a complaint and arrest report from the University of Florida Police Department dating last year. According to the complaint, a UF student told police that Martinez threatened to expose sexually explicit text messages to the student’s family if he wouldn’t participate in a sexual act with Martinez.

Martinez was arrested for extorting and/or threatening the student. However, that charge was no longer pursued, and he was only charged with unlawful use of a two-way communication device. He was serving a three-year probation.

Spinnaker News would like to disclose that Martinez worked as a volunteer photographer for Spinnaker in the fall of 2017, but was terminated in October. Spinnaker was unaware of Martinez’s past arrests.


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