Police Beat: Burglarized vehicle, stolen goods and a campus fight

Cori Santucci

Graphic by Rachelle Keller

Breaking In

Officials were dispatched to Lot 18 on May 25 due to reports of a burglarized vehicle.

The complainant reported that a brand new Sony Bluetooth device was missing from his front seat, as well as gold earrings that read “Tonijah” that had been in the center console. $55.00 in cash was also reported missing from his backpack located in the rear seat.

According to the police report, the complainant locked his car before leaving it, but when he came back, he found the door unlocked.

The report describes the vehicle as a white 2007 Chevrolet. There was no damage to the vehicle that would indicate forced entry, according to UNFPD.

It was reported that fingerprints were not processed because the complainant had touched the vehicle prior to the arrival of officials.

The police report states that officials checked other vehicles in the lot for signs of tampering or stolen items and nothing of the like was found.

The case has not been cleared at this time.

Workout Wipe

UNFPD was dispatched to the Student Wellness Complex (Bldg. 61) on May 26 in reference to a stolen wallet.

According to the report, officials met with the complainant who stated he went to the SWC on May 25 at around 11:00 a.m. to exercise. He reported that he left his backpack, containing his wallet, in one of the wooden cubbies located in the gym, to retrieve it at approximately 12:15 p.m. The complainant reported that later that day he noticed his leather wallet containing his driver’s license, Social Security card, USAA credit card, Bank of America debit card and $50.00 in cash was missing.

The police report states the victim told officials he was on the other side of town when he noticed his wallet was missing, so he waited until the next day to file a report.

According to the report, the SWC was closed at the time the report was filed and officials could not search for witnesses.

The complainant reportedly could not provide any suspect information and there was no video surveillance available in the area of the incident.

Patrol efforts have been suspended.

Bye Ipad

On May 29, officials were dispatched to The Flats at UNF (Bldg. 53) in reference to a lost iPad.

According to the police report, the complainant stated he had last seen the iPad at 10:30 that morning while he was still at The Flats. He then explained that the iPad was attached to the side of his pants when he left and went to Bldgs. 43, 64 and 5.

He reportedly returned to The Flats at approximately 11:00 a.m. and discovered the iPad was missing.

The report states the complainant attempted to retrace his steps and found nothing.

Officials did not look for witnesses at any of the locations the complainant visited, according to the report.

Patrol efforts have been suspended.

Campus Fight

UNFPD officials were dispatched to Bldg. 34 on May 30 in reference to large fight occurring after Andrew Jackson High School’s graduation ceremony was held at this venue.

According to the police report, the complainant, a female student at Andrew Jackson High School, was attending the ceremony when she noticed that another student, with whom she has had prior problems, was also attending.

After the ceremony, the complainant stated she noticed said student and her friends repeatedly pointing in her direction. The victim reportedly proceeded to walk over and ask why they were pointing, at which point they did not answer.

According to the report, the victim began to walk away but was then be attacked by five to six individuals.

The victim was struck on the left side of her neck and face, the police report explained. The victim told officials that she fought back in self-defense.

The police report states the victim could only provide vague details about two suspects, describing one as a 5-foot-2-inch black female in a white t-shirt and the other as a 5-foot-5-inch black female in orange pants and a white shirt.

Officials reportedly spoke with a witness who saw the complainant being attacked but could not recognize any suspects. Officials could also not recognize any visible signs of injury on the complainant.

All suspects left the scene by the time officials arrived.

Due to lack of witnesses, patrol efforts have been suspended.

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