Student Government clarifies joint resolution regarding skate park grounds

Alan Vargas

The old skatepark behind Lot 18. Photo by Alan Vargas.

The UNF Student Government released a statement on Wednesday, June 20 regarding the Senate bill meant to handle the rights to the concrete slab behind Lot 18, formerly the campus skate park. Attorney General Cody Choi went on the record to clarify the administration’s position on the property and announce the status of the Coastal Engineering Program’s right to the space.

“Student Government’s purpose is to serve the students and allocate their fees to projects and services that will enhance their overall experience at UNF. This resolution is presented to serve that commitment to the students,” Choi announced. “We would like to clarify that Student Government is not evicting the coastal engineering department. The proposed legislation is not extending the agreement past August 2018. This joint resolution will also allow the coastal engineering department to remain on the concrete slab area behind lot 18 through August 2018.”

Senate will vote on the measure this Friday at 1 p.m. in the Senate chambers.

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