UNF clarinet choir to perform in Belgium

Carly Kramer, Video Director

UNF’s clarinet choir will embark on a trip to Ostend, Belgium to perform at an international conference called ClarinetFest. The choir has been preparing for months under the direction of Dr. Sunshine Simmons, Assistant Professor of Clarinet.

According to Simmons, the choir formed when she started at UNF in the fall of 2014. The current 14-member ensemble has been rehearsing since last September for the performance.

Photo by Carly Kramer

The choir will be performing a full-length program, according to Simmons. Two of the pieces include a tango-inspired number and a piece originally written for choral work.

“This is the first time we’ll be performing it for a clarinet choir,” Simmons said on the reworked choral number. “We’re going to bring something that nobody’s ever done before.”

Performances will be held at the Conservatory by the Sea in Ostend, among several venues. The six-day conference will bring students and professionals to the stage.

“There’s clarinetists, performers and educators from all around the world,” Simmons said. “Multiple things going on at the same time.”

The choir will spend nine days touring and performing. The choir departs on Wednesday, July 4, and ClarinetFest 2018 will take place from July 6 to July 11.

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