The presence of white supremacy on college campuses

Nolan Hammond

College campuses have seen an increased presence of white supremacy over the past nine months, according to a recent report by the Anti-Defamation League.

The ADL report finds a 77 percent increase in documented propaganda during the 2017-2018 academic year compared to 2016-2017. Out of a total 292 cases of campus propaganda, 24 were documented in Florida.

“Our data shows that white supremacists’ propaganda campaign continues to accelerate, both on and off campus, online and on the ground,” Oren Segal of the ADL’s Center on Extremism said. “The propaganda messages range from veiled white supremacist language to explicitly racist images and words that attack minority groups, including Jews, Blacks, Muslims, non-white immigrants and the LGBTQ community.”

Ken Parker was suspended from UNF after posting this photo on social media.

UNF has run into its fair share of white supremacist and racially-motivated incidents within the last year, from the suspension of former KKK Grand Dragon Ken Parker, which was subsequently lifted, to the posting of signs reading “it’s okay to be white” on campus around the same time.

“It’s okay to be white” signs we’re found around UNF campus.

Though those responsible for the latter instance maintained in an interview with Spinnaker that their signs had nothing to do with white nationalism. However, the inflammatory implications of their posted signs suggest a relation to increasing racial tension and far-right activism in the U.S.

UNF was mentioned in the ADL report for the presence of several neo-Nazis at a rally on Parker’s behalf.

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