All UNF employees are now mandatory reporters for sexual assault

Aisling Glocke

On Thursday, Aug. 9, members of the Clery Act Committee met to further discuss the use of Title IX precautions on campus. Among these precautions was the announcement that all UNF employees are now mandatory reporters for sexual assault. The Committee revealed that this announcement was not yet known throughout the campus community, but will be enforced as the school term begins.

During the meeting, issues arose as to how employees should report sexual assault. Committee members brought up concerns that some violent acts overlap and fall under both the Clery Act and Title IX. Under Title IX, an employee must take immediate action if they have reasonable knowledge sexual violence is occurring, even if the victim wishes not to file a complaint. Under the Clery Act, sexual assault is to be reported to the UPD and from there undergo an investigation that will decide whether or not a timely warning needs to be issued across campus. This discussion brought about confusion as to what protocol employees need to take when reporting a sexual assault that falls under both categories.

To fix this dilemma, the Committee agreed that each department needs to create their own written procedures for reporting sexual assault. The procedures will include a list of what is required of employees when reporting sexual assault, such as who in the office is in charge of contacting the UPD. The Committee stressed that, due to different work environments, every department’s procedures will be different but should follow basic guidelines. This will be the first time UNF employees will have written procedures in their offices. These procedures plan to be written and approved before the Spring 2019 term.

The Committee also addressed that the UPD should send out recommendations addressing how employees should contact UPD officials. They concluded that if the crime is occurring at that moment, employees must call the UPD and, if it is not, to email them.

The Committee is also planning to create a form for victims to fill out that will give the UPD all of the information they need without revealing the victim’s identity. This process will allow for reporters to provide all information needed while the victims remain completely anonymous.

The next meeting will take place at 9 a.m. on Thursday, Nov. 15, 2018.

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