Early voting for the primary election

Jake Duff

Graphic by Sam Chaney

Calling all registered voters! As of Monday, Aug. 13, the early voting period for the 2018 primary election in Florida has begun. The primary election is for voters to express who they would like to see representing their party in the general election held in November. If you haven’t already registered with one of Florida’s political parties, you cannot vote on their ballot, but you still have time to register before the general election in November.

For those of you who are registered, get out there to your respective precinct’s voting location and cast those votes! If you do not know which precinct you’re in, and you live in Duval County, click here and follow the directions on the “Where Do I Vote” page.

The closest area to UNF where students can vote will be at Pablo Creek Regional Library at 13295 Beach Blvd.

Good luck to all the new voters out there!

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