Alcohol policies change on campus

Hannah Lee, Editor-in-Chief

In a Special Osprey Update on Aug. 24, the University made a statement announcing several changes to the Alcohol and Other Drug Policy.

While the statement did not include a list of what the exact changes are, the parking lots, garages, Osprey Landing, Osprey Cove, Osprey Crossings and Osprey Hall are all locations where alcohol is banned. The new policy can be found here.

“In the spirit of student well-being, changes are being made to ensure that students have the best UNF experience as possible, in the classroom and around campus. This means providing a positive atmosphere for the campus community,” the Update said.

The Update also states that these guidelines have been undergoing review since February by the Board of Trustees and other campus leaders.

“These changes are part of a comprehensive approach to provide our students with a healthy and safe campus.”

The new Alcohol Policy change was announced over an Osprey Update.

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