Cheerleading squad gets a national bid

Joseph Girouard


Paul Elsdale
Photo by Paul Elsdale

Earlier this year, UNF Cheer won their first of hopefully many national bids camp, being one of the few teams this year to get this bid. A national bid is essentially a “full-ride,” where expenses for most, if not all, of their trip to Nationals are paid for.

The national bids have different ranks, gold being the highest. They are given out to teams who do well throughout the camps as well as during an evaluation at the end, and the UNF Cheer team managed to earn this high achievement.

“Winning that gold bid to Nationals was definitely, like, the high of my life, Junior Ashlyn Howell said. “We were all crying, it was so great. We were all just so excited. We were so proud of each other, we didn’t think we were going to get it.”

Their coach, Nathan Palmer, has been helping give the cheerleaders a lot of support and confidence boosts to help prepare for Nationals in April.

If you are interested in being a cheerleader, tryouts are in spring after Nationals and are open to any student.

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