Students evacuate library after fire alarm goes off

Hannah Lee and Jessica May

Students evacuated the Thomas G. Carpenter Library and Starbucks after the fire alarm in Bldg. 12 went off Wednesday, Sept. 26.


Video by Amanda Cox

The fire alarm was set off by a water flow monitor, according to Lisandra Carmichael, the interim dean of the library.

Hannah Lee
Students waiting outside of the Thomas G. Library.

The building was closed for 20 minutes. UNFPD surveyed the library and cleared it for re-entry. There was no damage to the building structure or anything inside the building, according to Carmichael.

“I was on the second floor then I heard the the alarm go off and then we all went outside,” Chloe Polder, an information systems sophomore, said. “No one knew what was going on. I kinda thought it was a drill, but the way they said it on the [intercom] made me feel like something else was going on.”

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