UNF competition pool complex slowly becoming a reality

Steven Thompson

Many students may not have known that UNF’s Field House is used to accommodate an indoor pool. Now, a new competition pool complex is being planned on land north of the Student Wellness Center.

“Capital Projects is now in planning stages to assess costs. North of the Student Wellness Center, three courts will have to give way to accommodate the pool and would actually have to build those courts up to the north,” John Hale, Vice President of Physical Facilities and Campus Planning said.

The competition pool will not be used exclusively by UNF’s athletes. It will able to be utilized by the entire student body.

The UNF Field House, where the current indoor pool is housed. Photo by Pierce Turner

Students may wonder why this project is slow to manifest, especially with many excellent swimmers amongst the student population, living in a state that is surrounded by water.

“It’s always been on the list and that’s why we even started the programming for it. Now we’ve got the opportunity with some funds to start proceeding to see more of what we can do,” Shari Shuman, Vice President of Administration and Finance said.

According to Hale, the preliminary program will be a 50 meter pool 25 yards wide, poised to accommodate 10 competition lanes.

It will include a seven foot end where swimmers will be able to dive in and a shallow section will be built in the center to accommodate recreational activity. To complete the pool, the opposite end will be 13 feet deep to allow for diving platforms.

The thought of having a UNF competition pool complex on campus is electrifying and exciting but everyone will have to wait patiently to enjoy the benefit.

“We are right at the beginning of this project. We have to confirm the program. We have to confirm cost estimates. We’ve gotta make sure we’ve got enough dollars to even start engineering, designing, construction. There’s a whole process to it,” Shuman said.

More information about the project will be available the first quarter of 2019.  

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