UNF students plants flowers by Eco-Adventures to remember the Parkland Victims

Brett Nweeia

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMtzYVnwXDQ[/embedyt]

To support those who were lost in the tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Eco-Adventures held an event for students at the UNF Eco Center to honor the individuals that were murdered and display love and kindness as a one year anniversary of the shooting.

The event took place in an open island area at the UNF Eco Center which allowed students to be able to plant 17 flowers for 17 students who were killed.

Many students explained why they decided to come out to the event and how important it is to remember the catastrophic experience.

“Well, I wanted to do this event because I’m from Parkland and it’s just that there wasn’t really anything going on at UNF for this big day,” Kelsey Hicks, an Elementary Education junior said. “I know other schools do something and I know there’s a lot of Douglas people from here and even people from Parkland so I just wanted to come to an event to bring everyone together and plant flowers to shine light on such a sad day.”

This commemorating occasion also encouraged students to pray for the people lost, speak out on their experiences of the shooting, and talk about how planting the flowers made them feel after the all the flowers were planted.

Rob Hicks, a Public Relations sophomore, also grew up in Parkland and even went to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School for two years. He attended the event to support his hometown and his fellow peers.

The students also explained how remembering the event is very important and very crucial to doing an event like this one every year to show support.

“I think it’s extremely important and I think it should never be forgotten and I think every year on this day we should do something that remembers them and shines light on these awful things that are happening and just bring awareness to help end it and to never forget the lives that were lost,” Destiny Blumer said.

The event respected the people lost and brought them together to remember something that should never happen in the first place.


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