New Spaces, New Places: Chick-fil-A Renovation and an Honors dorm

Kristina Smith

The face of UNF is constantly changing, and the Space Committee has big plans for the future. Future improvements to the university include remodeling Chick-fil-A, new bleachers for the softball field, the construction of a new pool complex, road extensions, and continued planning for a new Honors dorm. And as noted by the Space Committee, all schedules are tentative, and not all projects have started or have an end date.


Chick-fil-A’s remodeling has been in the designing stage since September 2018 and is expected to be finished by May 2019. The construction should begin in May 2019 and be completed in July 2019.


The portable bleachers in the softball field will be replaced with fixed bleachers. The design is being finished to include a ramp and the next stages are getting a building permit and construction. Dates for construction are to be announced.

A New Pool

The school is in the search for design services for a new exterior competition pool. The pool area will have public restrooms, offices, support services, equipment and a controlled entrance. Dates for design and construction are to be announced.

Road Extensions

Many road extensions will be completed for this project. East Ridge Road will connect Varsity Lane to the North Ridge Road, and Eco Road will connect to Central Parkway. There will also be a new path created from St. Johns Bluff to Central Parkway.

Honor’s Dorm

Progress for building the new Honors dorm has been slow but sure. Honors college has offered new conceptual drawings for the dorm and associated costs with providing shelter requirements. For now there are no set dates for design or construction.

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