James Gunn reinstated as director for “Guardians 3”

David Eckstein

Guardians fans rejoice! It has just been reported that James Gunn has been reinstated as director of “Guardians of the Galaxy 3” after Disney fired him eight months ago. This comes as a surprise, as Disney has made clear they would not back down from their decision in firing Gunn over ten-year-old controversial tweets. Several fans, media outlets, and even “Guardians” cast members had criticized Disney’s decision. Many claimed Disney was throwing away one of the MCU’s best directors. On top of the negative chatter, one of Disney’s competitors, Warner Bros., approached Gunn in the hopes he would direct upcoming “Suicide Squad 2.” Gunn eventually accepted the role with competitor DC.

Like the climax of a Marvel movie (except maybe Avengers: Infinity War), just when all seemed lost for the Guardians brand, Gunn reportedly has been reinstated. He is slated to begin production on “Guardians 3” once his work on “Suicide Squad 2” is complete. To many, this comes with a sigh of relief as one of their favorite directors can not only finish his trilogy but also keep adding to a franchise that has innovated the film industry.

It just goes to show when all seems impossible, you can still climb back on top.

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