Dorm doors failing to close

Heydi Ortiz, Police Reporter


In February, police reported to a burglary at the Crossings where the students were away for a weekend. Last week, a student had $500 stolen from her dorm in the Crossings. The reason for the uptick of burglaries in these dorms? Police say the doors weren’t shut completely.

When students close the door, it is supposed to lock immediately. However, students are experiencing the opposite. When students close the door to their dorm room, the door appears to be closed, but not locked.

Connor Gregory, a Finance freshman, could see why students were upset.

“The doors sometimes don’t fully lock, and it’s in and out each week here and there that it will fully close and sometimes it won’t close,” Gregory said. “I feel like they should try to make the lock system work better so you don’t have to always worry about it.”

The problem doesn’t seem to be happening only at the Crossings. Students have also reported similar issues at the Villages and the Cove.

Bob Boyle, the director of student housing, told Spinnaker that students should always check their doors when they close them.

Boyle also told Spinnaker that if students are experiencing these issues, they should file a maintenance request. Information on how to submit a maintenance request can be found here.


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