Police Beat: A stolen textbook, large amounts of money and a stolen skateboard

Heydi Ortiz, Police Reporter

College student nightmare

On March 11, UNFPD was dispatched to the UPD building in response to a stolen textbook. According to the report, the student placed her textbook she had gotten from the UNF library on her vehicle.

The police reports states the student admitted she was distracted by talking to her friends and left the textbook on the back of her vehicle. When she remembered about the textbook she returned only to find it was no longer there.


The $500 Crossings theft

UNF police responded to a call about a burglary in Crossings, Building S on March 3. According to the report, a large sum of money was taken from a students dorm room.

The student stated she was keeping $100 in her desk drawer and $500 in her red backpack. She told police upon returning to her room she noticed the red backpack had been moved and began searching only to realize money in both her backpack and her desk drawer were missing.

The police report then goes on to say that she called her roommate to ask her about the money but the roommate stated she had no knowledge of it.

The student believed her roommate knew about the money because she checked the money when her roommate was present. The report also says she told police there was a guest in their room prior to the incident.

A key audit was conducted and the roommate was contacted by police.


Stolen wheels

UNFPD responded to a call about a stolen skateboard outside of the Osprey Cafe on March 12.

According to the police report, a student left her skateboard unlocked and went into the cafe. When she returned to grab her skateboard, which she claimed was valued at $300, it was missing.

The report says the student alongside police, went searching for the orange skateboard with flower pots on it and white wheels.

The student was provided with a victims right brochure and a case card but said she didn’t want to press charges and just wanted her skateboard returned.

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