Healthy ospreys: UNF succeeds in 3-year health and wellness plan

Kristina Smith

Has UNF succeeded in prioritizing the health of students? According to a press release, it seems the University has. At the end of a 3-year commitment, UNF has received a “complete” on its health and wellness initiatives. Following a relationship with Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA), in 2016 UNF signed on for the Healthier Campus initiative and is one of 32 schools nationwide to successfully fulfill the requirements.

According to the release, each school that signs up for the Healthier America initiatives has three years to complete 23 of its 41 guidelines. These guidelines involve providing access to healthier meals, physical activities, and potable water. UNF successfully met those guidelines to create a campus with healthier options over the required span of time.

Examples of the initiatives implemented include offering wellness meal options, listing food and beverage calories and placing a “healthy” icon on select options, using local goods in food services (i.e. vegetables from the Ogier Gardens for Osprey Cafe), and offering options for non-academic classes with physical activity.

“We congratulate UNF’s commitment to supporting students and their wider campus community to form healthy habits that will last a lifetime,” said PHA President and CEO Nancy Roman.

According to the release, senior director of the Department of Recreation and Wellness Ashley Ballard believes that with PHA, the university can reach the goal towards becoming one of the healthiest universities in the nation.

“With the support and framework from PHA, we’re confident in reaching milestones toward the ultimate goal of a healthier university that encompasses mind, body and Osprey spirit,” the release said.