Police Beat June 2011


April 29 – Grand Theft (Landing Y) – UPD was dispatched to Osprey Landing building  Y in reference to report of criminal mischief. The area coordinator reported that at 11:00 am, a housing staff member notified her that several emergency exit signs had been ripped down and were missing from buildings W, X and Y. It is believed the theft occurred sometime during the previous night.

May 2 – Battery (Landing W) – UPD was dispatched to a disturbance call at the Landing. According to two victims and a witness, a female student’s ex-boyfriend, whom she claimed to have an intimate relationship with for several months until they broke up over a week prior, came to her dorm room asking for a computer charger. When her male friend, who answered the door, claimed not to have it, the suspect grabbed him around the neck and a fight broke out, involving the ex-girlfriend and the witness as well. Finally the suspect calmed down and left the room. He was arrested after the officer considered everyone’s statements.

May 2 – Criminal Mischief (Lot 11) – A female student told UPD that she was friends with the suspect, her friends’ ex-girlfriend, until recently. Horner told the suspect she would not stop being friends with the male. A short time later Horner witnessed the suspect making marks on the hood of her automobile. The suspect noticed he had been seen and took off running. The victim was advised on how to file charges with the state attorney.

May 9 – Armed Robbery (Lot 12) – UPD was dispatched to lot 12 in front of Osprey Cove in reference to a disturbance call involving firearms. Upon questioning the victim, he reported that he picked up two unknown males at the basketball court near the Cove in his car with the intention to sell them marijuana. In the car, both suspects pointed guns at the victim. The victim relinquished a half ounce of marijuana and his book bag, which contained his car keys, at their demand. The suspects fled on foot. The victim was arrested for prowling after a small amount of marijuana was found in his vehicle.

May 13 – Damaged Property (Student Union) – UPD was dispatched to the front of the student union in reference to a small fire. According to a supervisor with the Grounds Department, an unknown person put out a cigarette in the mulch in the planter, starting a fire that burned or wilted 14 small plants in the planter. The plants are owned by UNF.

May 15 – Found Property (Fountains) – An anonymous caller told UPD that three cars arrived at the Fountains, after which the occupants got out and went around to bike racks, cutting locks off several bikes. They placed at least two of the bikes in a car and left one on the sidewalk, when a police car appeared and the suspects left in their cars. Upon investigation, UPD found three unlocked bikes in the area and five cut locks.

May 16 – Battery (Building 44) – UPD responded to the floor ramp of the Fine Arts parking garage in reference to a dispute between a male UNF employee and and a woman. She claimed the employee asked her to meet him at UNF after work to exchange their child, whom he was holding. Both parties initially refused to take the child. The woman was issued a trespass warning by UPD, and eventually agreed to take the child for the evening.

May 23 – Possession (Fountains) – UPD was dispatched to the Fountains in reference to a drug investigation. Marijuana could be smelled outside the room in question. After entering the room with the resident assistant, a makeshift pipe and several bottles of alcohol could be seen. Upon search, marijuana and five cans of beer were also found. All parties involved were under 21. UPD seized the marijuana and paraphernalia, and the resident and a suspect were given a notice to appear.