2020 democratic presidential candidate: John Delaney

Alex Toth

Age: 56

Experience: U.S. Representative from MD-06 (2013-2019)

Fun Fact: Delaney was once the youngest CEO on the New York Stock Exchange when his first company went public.

No, UNF students, this isn’t the same John Delaney that was our university’s President for over a decade. This Delaney, a former Congressman from Maryland, was the earliest to announce his run for President, starting his campaign as early as July 2017. Delaney’s core message is one of bipartisanship and national unity. A staunch capitalist, Delaney has a net worth of over $100 million, making him one of the wealthiest candidates in the race.

One of Delaney’s key policies is the implementation of a National Service Program for American youth. In Delaney’s plan, high school graduates would have the opportunity to sign up for either military service, community service, infrastructure apprenticeships, or the Climate Corps. In exchange for completing the program, Delaney says students would receive a National Service Scholarship, as well as benefit from all the skills they would learn while serving.


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