2020 democratic presidential candidate: Amy Klobuchar

Alex Toth

Age: 58

Experience: U.S. Senator from Minnesota (2007-present)

Fun Fact:

Another one of the moderates in the race, Klobuchar’s campaign is centered around realism and pragmatism in regards to national policy. Klobuchar has come out against many big Democratic policies, such as free public college and Medicare for All, saying that she “wishes” she could promise these things to the American people but that they’re too expensive for the country to afford.

On the other hand, Klobuchar has said she would rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement on her first day in office, and has proposed a $1 trillion plan to rebuild American infrastructure. The Minnesota Senator has run into trouble with stories of harsh treatment of past staffers, and while Klobuchar admits she can be a “tough boss,” she says that she has “high expectations” for herself, her staff and for America.


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