2020 democratic presidential candidate: Elizabeth Warren

Alex Toth

Age: 69

Experience: U.S. Senator from Massachusetts (2013-present)

Fun Fact: Before entering politics, Warren was a law professor for more than 30 years. She taught at the University of Michigan, University of Texas, University of Pennsylvania and Harvard.

At this point in the race, no Democratic candidate polling at 5 percent or more nationwide has proposed more concrete policies than Elizabeth Warren. The Massachusetts senator is one of the most progressive candidates in the race, alongside Bernie Sanders. But unlike Senator Sanders, Warren refers to herself as a capitalist, not a democratic socialist, saying she would rather reform capitalism to make it work for all Americans.

As President, Warren would use antitrust laws to break up large tech corporations. She has also proposed implementing a wealth tax, where fortunes greater than $50 million would be taxed at 2 percent, and fortunes over $1 billion would be taxed at 3 percent. Warren says that this plan would raise $2.75 trillion over 10 years, and allow the government to pay for universal free childcare, as well as forgive the student loan debt of more than 42 million Americans.


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