Need a job? Don’t have a car? Work on campus!

Erik Feliciano and Courtney Green

So you’re a Freshman who is rolling up broke and wants some extra spending money. Lucky for you, there are tons of job opportunities on campus just a stone’s throw from your dorm. You can find applications to these jobs here

Many of these departments have more than one job title to choose from, each with varying degrees of responsibility. It’s also entirely possible that you might find your passion (and future major) by giving one or more of these a try.

Spinnaker Media

Spinnaker is located on the second floor of the Student Union East, and it’s where many communication majors get their start in news media. The kinds of jobs you can expect to find here include but are not limited to: Copy Editor, Video Editor for TV, Reporter, Graphic Designer, Business Executive, radio director and many more.

Health Promotions

Part of Recreation and Wellness, Health Promotions includes jobs like Student Farmer, Healthy Osprey Ambassador and Health Educator. Current jobs opportunities in this department are labeled Federal Work Study (FWS), so if you qualify and are interested in the field of health, give any one of these openings a try.

Student Union

The Student Union is the central hub for all the students at UNF, and there are many job opportunities located in the Student Union, such as food services, game room assistants, event services assistants and reservation assistants.

Disability Resource Center

The Disability Resource Center is responsible for making life easier for disabled students on campus. Student Assistants help out with the DSC’s THRIVE program, which is designed to aid students on the autism spectrum. 

Student Government

SG is hiring for all executive branches, as well as positions for senators, justices and elections assistants. You can apply here.

Art & Design

The department of Art & Design hosts jobs such as Office Assistant, Painting Studio Assistant, Ceramics Assistant, Gallery Sitter and so on. Federal Work Study is an option in this department as well.


The library offers jobs such as Library Research & Outreach Assistant, FWS Library Research & Outreach Assistant, FWS Library Access Services Assistant, FWS Library Periodicals & Media Assistant.

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