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Lianna Norman, Editor in Chief

Welcome to Uni News, Spinnaker’s new rundown of the top stories of the week – every Friday at 3 p.m. On this new podcast, our editors will give a quick recap of the top story from their department that week. All stories mentioned in the podcast will be available in the links below if you’d like to read more. You can also listen to our podcast air on 95.5 fm WSKR every every Friday at 3 p.m.


A deeper dive into Confucius Institutes: What happened? Why?

Last year, UNF sent out a mandatory notice warning students that our Confucius Institute would be closing, as you may have read on our website. UNF wasn’t alone in this decision, though. Over the past year, at least ten universities called it quits on their own Confucius Institutes…read more here.

The Perfect Set

It takes two to make a thing go right and the UNF Beach Volleyball pair of Dana Roskic and Callie Workman were the classic one-two punch this past season, going 24-9. The two have infectious energy that they use to their advantage on the court…read more here.

A duckumentary: the legend of Howard the Duck

Of all the ducks on campus, Howard the Duck is perhaps the most mysterious. Little is known about Howard, ranging from how the duck got its name to who runs its Twitter. Even administration here at UNF couldn’t crack this enigma…read more here.


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